Love is power

when the words bloom like lilacs

and your eyes shine like diamonds

than I know that love is power

that my heart is a green planet

my kisses are hotter than fire

your lips are sweeter than honey

my poems are waves of inspiration

my spirit is older than the world

© VGeorg 2022

True words

© VGeorg 2022, watercolor

be brave when life demands it

once you can live worthy

I see righteousness of righteous

become hard as granite rock

there will always be earth and sky

and my will will be over them

greed leads to fatal destruction

gratitude leads to prosperity

hear well what I said today

the truth is in my words

© VGeorg 2022

Prayer for peace

birds must fly above the ground

fish must swim in the oceans

flowers must bloom every spring

stars must shine every night

iron is a material for building home

sick brains sow death instead of wheat

thoughts and desires for human authority

that is just way displeasing to God

© VGeorg 2022