Contradiction of thought

let’s read the Word

the truth is bright horizon

objects are toys for nature

but nature isn’t man’s toy

the thinking subject plants trees

guards his environment

the consumer cuts trees

to make chairs and tables

it’s really nice to see smiling people

but if they had to live

on a desert planet in years to come

would anyone be able to laugh

© VGeorg, 2021

Good afternoon my treasure

sparkling thoughts midnight sleep

infusion of morning air

outburst of my feelings

like a unique mosaic

green leaves kissed by the sun

freshly baked snacks

will you be a hot drink

or a cooling cocktail

summer taste of sangria

good afternoon my treasure

we are already on the wings

of poetry and music too

I will hide you from the world

in the garden of my heart

to shower with love verses

each of your soft curves

© VGeorg 2021

Perfect creation

Psalm 8:1, Bible, New International Version

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.

to glorify the Creator

how great He is

who can sing for Him

who can dance for Him

who can praise Him

only you who smile

one heart one brain

two eyes two hands

one soul and it determines

the direction of feelings

is there more perfect creation

in the infinitive universe

you are fruit of love

in the past and now

when you understand this

you will be the sweetest

© VGeorg 2021

Life in dance

the sun rises in the morning

a new day begins

time flows like a river

every minute is precious

the words can be rewritten

on another sheet

life is an endless dance

the steps can be repeated

but each dancer is unique

moving body flying soul

© VGeorg 2021

Keep me far from forgetting

Glory to Jesus, painting, water colours, © VGeorg 2021

there is nothing better

than singing about love

I fall asleep in the night

and feel that you are mine

I get up in the morning

knowing that all is as I want

there are many people around

but only you are my flower

keep me far from forgetting

stay with me on the bright path

your heart is my cozy home

my words are grace for you

© VGeorg 2021

Poem full of soul

listen watch remember

I am the song of the sea

the verse of the wind

quote of the believers

the stars are my eyes

the universe is my body

don’t talk too much

your thoughts are transparent

think with your heart

if I’m there you won’t go wrong

tell me how much the soul weighs

has no weight but is more expensive

than any gold reserve

because it makes you human

© VGeorg 2021 , collage, poem