Perfect creation

Psalm 8:1, Bible, New International Version

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.

to glorify the Creator

how great He is

who can sing for Him

who can dance for Him

who can praise Him

only you who smile

one heart one brain

two eyes two hands

one soul and it determines

the direction of feelings

is there more perfect creation

in the infinitive universe

you are fruit of love

in the past and now

when you understand this

you will be the sweetest

© VGeorg 2021

Keep me far from forgetting

Glory to Jesus, painting, water colours, © VGeorg 2021

there is nothing better

than singing about love

I fall asleep in the night

and feel that you are mine

I get up in the morning

knowing that all is as I want

there are many people around

but only you are my flower

keep me far from forgetting

stay with me on the bright path

your heart is my cozy home

my words are grace for you

© VGeorg 2021

Golden hour conditions

VGeorg, water colours, music Fire Dance – Andres Cantu

golden hour conditions

the gazes are an air bridge

my thoughts like roses

exactly reach you

walking on the sand

we step on history

of millions of years

we are part of all this

somewhere boy is kissing girl

with promise of eternity

somewhere the ice is melting

elsewhere people wait raindrops

footprints and quiet sky

flamenco on spanish guitar

© VGeorg, 2021

Love creates life

Любовта създава живот

словото е танц на буквите

красива мелодия от звуци

днес и винаги

говорете пишете пейте

бъдете постоянни по вашия начин

намерете вярната посока

мечтите дават криле

любовта създава живот

© ВГеорг 2021

Love creates life

the word is a dance of the letters

beautiful melody of sounds

today and always

speak write sing

be consistent in your way

find the right direction

dreams give wings

love creates life

© VGeorg 2021

Be a temple

the lines intertwine

as well as the destines of the people

but the day is always day

and the night is night

therefore there is sun and moon

morning and evening

all who love are happy

there is a horizon for them

be one of them this is my prayer

be a temple as the Lord has said

© VGeorg 2021

From the depths of the universe

song from the heights

from the depths of the universe

years have passed

like a fast river

the next ones are approaching

and determine the future

life awakens with billions of eyes

words rise like a orange sun

the earth is in warm hug

looks like a spring flower swing

green color take over the forests

the waves don’t stop caressing the shore

the tample is always open

prayer climbs the stairs to God

small ladybug has a right to exist

as well as a large whale

stay in touch with reality

listen to the city come alive

make sure you breathe

every new hopeful morning

than you have a chance

to spread love with clear mind

© VGeorg 2021

Poetry of knowledge

it is not a collection of words

it is poetry of knowledge

the stars shine in the night sky

but they don’t warm the globe

the sun creates conditions

for the fruits to ripen sweetly

the soul doesn’t want limitations

that are an way in darkness

its natural way is joyful love

remember these truths from me

© VGeorg 2021