I have everything here

lost galaxies

wandering comets

distant unknown world

there is nothing interesting

I have everything here

soul full of inspiration

green mountains

clear lakes

unique nature

your constant love

mine is mine

the alien is alien

every day begins

with honest prayer

© VGeorg 2021

I have so much love

golden leaves warm sun

dreams movement forward

we will sing hugged

regardless of all

your breath your eyes

bottomless universes

your beautiful soul

an endless journey

the morning begins with hope

stay with me blessed

I have so much love

first inexhaustible source

© VGeorg 2021

Purifying rain

purifying rain washes away

all unmeasured vanity

where are you human love

withered jasmine blossoms

parade of horrible pictures

dreams remained in thoughts

bodies turned to dust

cold guns in hands

instead of violins

helpless child cries

for a piece of bread

girl like a pearl is forced

to marry a stranger

hey you who drink champagne

worth a thousand dollars

pour it on your head

purifying rain washes away all void

striving for better life

faith in greater gratitude

who is right who is wrong

remember God determines this

© VGeorg 2021

My fingers draw

sensual melody

late night lounge

the freshness of water

means green life

my fingers draw and

dance on your body

the taste of raspberry lips

is a dessert for the soul

the moon like a fairy

with magic wand

leaves silver trails

on the dark waves

© VGeorg, 2021

Contradiction of thought

let’s read the Word

the truth is bright horizon

objects are toys for nature

but nature isn’t man’s toy

the thinking subject plants trees

guards his environment

the consumer cuts trees

to make chairs and tables

it’s really nice to see smiling people

but if they had to live

on a desert planet in years to come

would anyone be able to laugh

© VGeorg, 2021

Good afternoon my treasure

sparkling thoughts midnight sleep

infusion of morning air

outburst of my feelings

like a unique mosaic

green leaves kissed by the sun

freshly baked snacks

will you be a hot drink

or a cooling cocktail

summer taste of sangria

good afternoon my treasure

we are already on the wings

of poetry and music too

I will hide you from the world

in the garden of my heart

to shower with love verses

each of your soft curves

© VGeorg 2021