Golden hour conditions

VGeorg, water colours, music Fire Dance – Andres Cantu

golden hour conditions

the gazes are an air bridge

my thoughts like roses

exactly reach you

walking on the sand

we step on history

of millions of years

we are part of all this

somewhere boy is kissing girl

with promise of eternity

somewhere the ice is melting

elsewhere people wait raindrops

footprints and quiet sky

flamenco on spanish guitar

© VGeorg, 2021

The last poem

the last poem

someone will read it

for the first time

the last poem

for this week or

for this season

connected vessels

body and spirit

the moving body shows

that you exist but only

for the eyes of beholder

the vibes of the spirit

show that you are

much more than flesh

the sea waves are pleasant

when they are not huge

good music creates mood

when it is not deafeningly loud

hot thoughts cannot be

extinguished by the wind

I am a spirit

I am a breath

I am a message

for your awakened soul

© VGeorg 2021

Prolonged embrace

my love means clarity

see the stars and the moon

sleep peacefully have certainty

the sun will come soon

wake up don’t lay

your smile is a touch

get ready for the new day

opportunities are so much

we are rising so high

on the emotional staircase

honey let we fly

in prolonged embrace

© VGeorg 2021

Love creates life

Любовта създава живот

словото е танц на буквите

красива мелодия от звуци

днес и винаги

говорете пишете пейте

бъдете постоянни по вашия начин

намерете вярната посока

мечтите дават криле

любовта създава живот

© ВГеорг 2021

Love creates life

the word is a dance of the letters

beautiful melody of sounds

today and always

speak write sing

be consistent in your way

find the right direction

dreams give wings

love creates life

© VGeorg 2021

Victorious God

I protect you when volcanoes erupt

when the ocean overflows

when bombs blow up the silence

when the ground is shaking

I show you the right way

when you seek the truth

your prayers immediately become

unfading flowers in paradise

your thoughts are flying birds

when they are full of love

your life will be eternal

if you believe in the Victorious God

© VGeorg 2021

The Ruler of all

just as the forest provides shelter

to hundreds of creations

so the earth is a refuge

for billions temporary lives

the sky is for the birds

the sea is for the fishes

the seasons change

independently of you

nothing belongs to you here

feel good where you are

and who is the Ruler of all

think about what you are doing

do you build or demolish

© VGeorg 2021

The secrets of revelation

hungry fingers with taste of summer

the seeds grow and the bread is delicious

I will keep your image

my songs are always tender

warm breeze overhanging moon

stellar rain sparks without noise

an hourglass is useful more

than the fastest computer

discover the secrets of revelation

sun and water create the oases

the planets are as innumerable

as the grains of sand

when the time is up

the new countdown will start

hug kiss it is love

thus to the end of the light

© VGeorg 2021