The eternity of art

the first day of october

celebration poetry music coffee

the verses are my direction

the songs are my journey

the cup of refreshing drink

warm autumn breath

creativity contributes

to the eternity of art

good intentions shape

the design of the result

© VGeorg 2021

Change of seasons

two bodies in a night symphony

lips like fruit

prelude during the full moon

flame in the hearth

sound revival

salvation flourishes

amber nature

milky sky

migration of birds

change of seasons

drops of herbal honey

sweeten the morning

© VGeorg 2021

I have so much love

golden leaves warm sun

dreams movement forward

we will sing hugged

regardless of all

your breath your eyes

bottomless universes

your beautiful soul

an endless journey

the morning begins with hope

stay with me blessed

I have so much love

first inexhaustible source

© VGeorg 2021

Permanent home

perfect God’s creation

stand up stretch your arms

feel supreme grace

descends from above

glorify with pure soul

the only one

who comes for eternal life

infinitely reverence to Him

as morning dewdrops give

freshness to the flowers

so also your virtues

are true sparkling rays

invisible touch accompanied

by dance of thousands stars

let His indestructible kingdom

be your permanent home

© VGeorg 2021

Faithful life

when love fills life

every word is a gospel

stay tuned to my melodies

I compose only truths

a kiss flies towards you

accept it with hope

tomorrow will be a new day

but I will be the same

© VGeorg 2021